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GBBR's in mil-sim?

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I was just wondering if it would be practical to bring an gas blow back to a mil sim game. To me it's pretty much unheard of. I would be interested to know if anyone does do it

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I speak only from my own experiences.You can use them as primaries,but you have to keep some things in mind.Using one in games will definitely change how you play in comparison to an electric.The biggest change will be getting used to using semi quite nearly exclusively.Not just because of the ammo count per mag,but to manage your mags period,and gbb's are the absolute most accurate in semi.When out in the field with one your mags will be a priority.In order to keep the weapons consistency the same every time you do a reload your going to want to give your mags a 3 sec or so shot of gas.I carry a Coleman propane tank with me in a magazine dump pouch on the very back of my hip.You will absolutely find yourself being more selective with your targets,and only selecting those you believe you have the greatest chance to hit.To achieve this your going to find yourself engaging targets using stealth,(from concealment,stalking, etc),setting up ambushes,and that kind of thing.Because of this,your gear will change.I've found selecting camo that actually works,and combining it with other forms of camo to break up your silhouette works best.Traveling light works best as your going to find yourself doing alot more moving around from cover to cover in order to setup shots,and to keep enemy players guessing at your location.I have found it best to stay clear of friendly players who use electrics,and groups of players also.Allow players with electrics to initiate a fire fight first while you outflank enemy players to setup shots,and pick them off.Your going to find the aeg players make alot of noise,and in general draw alot of attention to themselves which is everything you don't want.Teaming up with snipers is alot of fun as both are more like minded,easier to setup flanking maneuvers, and shots (atleast two of you working together).For gbb's range and accurate semi fire is everything.I make all of mine as mechanically efficient as possible.ALL moving parts are polished,liberally lubricated,and I tune all mine for the longest,straightest,ammo flight I can possibly get them to,and heaviest ammo my guns can lift while remaining within the rules where I play.The more efficiently and smoothly they run the quicker your follow-up shots are,the more consistent they are,and they are less likely to succumb to a failure.Heavier ammo is crucial for the best range and accuracy you can manage.In short, your going to find yourself adopting more of a sniper/dmr style of play than what the electric guys do.
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You can run SA and FA with an AEG.

A GBBR is just expensive.

GBBR - 350EU
EACH Spare Gas Magazine 40 EU (most people carry 8 spare) - 320EU
Gas Adapters and a rig to carry all magazines in empty or full condition - 120EU

See why GBBR's are expensive to get into?
Define rig please.Personally I carry five mags.four in a shingle and one in the magwell.I use two of these shingles:Phantom Gear Aggressor MOLLE Ready M4 AK MP5 Magazine Pouch (Color: Double / Multicam) has elastic sides and can hold .223 or .308 mags.When the mags aren't being used I store them with the rifle in its case.Example enclosed
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gas Gun accessory
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Rig for GBBR.

A harness system that allows you to carry mags that you want to carry and the auxiliary materials to re-gas them and reload them in the field (when possible). A padded "dump pouch" that mitigates potential magazine contact with each other when empty.

Some just put empty mags back into pouches and that can reduce some costs, but it slows reloading...most that play around me have a general dump pouch that has some padding and/or compartmentalization inside to help protect the mags.
You can use the pouches for a pc or load bearing harness that anyone ends up buying to carry essentials with them anyway.Dump pouch for gas and ammo,one for ammo,and a saw drum mag for WE 15rd speed loaders.The KISS plan is best as it is when using electrics.
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