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GBBR's in mil-sim?

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I was just wondering if it would be practical to bring an gas blow back to a mil sim game. To me it's pretty much unheard of. I would be interested to know if anyone does do it

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GBB's are for me, only considered true Mil-Sim. You are trying to replicate real life wars/soldiers. They have 30 rounds in their magazines or 4 rounds in the tube(For me M1014) A PolarStar with hundreds, if not thousands of rounds at your disposable is not Mil-Sim. There isn't a single way that anyone can try to justify that. Neither is an AEG.

True Mil-Sim Purists are not running with PolarStar or AEGS. It's just that simple.

Yes OOTB GBBR's may not be reliable, but since RA-TECH and a few other manufactures came out, They've become more reliable.

Call it for what is. GBB's change how you play, and well how you do everything in airsoft.
I am aware but first 34 rounds isn't real second AEGs still are non blowback with horrible electric sound. Second polarstars have lines through the grip with a tank on your back.

Just loading up a gun with real caps doesn't make it mil sim. You still need the sound, feel and recoil of a gbb.
My hearing may suck but its due to hundreds of shotgun shells be cycled through my m1014 as a USMC CBRN. Gbbr don't sound like real steel but it sounds a heck of a lot better than piont piont. Also CO2 eliminates the temperature flaw..
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