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GBBR's in mil-sim?

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I was just wondering if it would be practical to bring an gas blow back to a mil sim game. To me it's pretty much unheard of. I would be interested to know if anyone does do it

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When you deem it necessary...

When your running through the woods and trip and toss the gbb into a mud puddle...go clean it...this is necessary.

If you fire 40 shots and go back to to starting point. You don't need to clean it for it's not necessary, because you didn't do anything with it.
What is proper GBB maintenance to you?

Please cite your maintenance protocols.

As for a's not about knowledge it's about money. GBBR are very expensive...for a full load-out
And what do you clean the barrel with?

They often do, they are not as durable as an AEG.

Magazine is the first point of failure due to rough handling and Siloxanes damage to the seals on some models.
No...unless you have thousands to spend..
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You can run SA and FA with an AEG.

A GBBR is just expensive.

GBBR - 350EU
EACH Spare Gas Magazine 40 EU (most people carry 8 spare) - 320EU
Gas Adapters and a rig to carry all magazines in empty or full condition - 120EU

See why GBBR's are expensive to get into?
Like what? Magazines for AEWG only cost 10.00 and gear is on average 20% less for you don't need the gear to handle gas magazines.

And don't buy an EBB-AEG...completely unrealistic. And EBB mechanism is a point of failure that could render your AEG inoperable when it fails.
TM NGRS isn't a EBB.
Rig for GBBR.

A harness system that allows you to carry mags that you want to carry and the auxiliary materials to re-gas them and reload them in the field (when possible). A padded "dump pouch" that mitigates potential magazine contact with each other when empty.

Some just put empty mags back into pouches and that can reduce some costs, but it slows reloading...most that play around me have a general dump pouch that has some padding and/or compartmentalization inside to help protect the mags.
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