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GBBR's in mil-sim?

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I was just wondering if it would be practical to bring an gas blow back to a mil sim game. To me it's pretty much unheard of. I would be interested to know if anyone does do it

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Also if you keep your gbbr well maintained it will treat you just as well...
Should i also maintain in during a milsim event?
First I would like to say, welcome to the forum! Then I’ll point out to you that this is an old thread, so you should not wait for an answer. The last response was made in 2014. But, I’ll go ahead and share my opinion with you.

You should be prepared to field strip your gun during the milsim, and be able to clean it if you have the time. It is a dirty environment. You may not have time to clean it. But if you do and have been in some firefights, or crawling around in the dirt, go ahead and wipe it down clean the barrel, check for function, and lightly lube while reassembling it. But I would strongly suggest making sure it is clean and in full working order before you even start, and carry a secondary.
Thank you for answering! Iv’e currently never been to a milsim before, defenitly planning on trying one. But when is a good time to clean and lubricate it? Is it at the base camp, or maybe between the firefights?
I’ll try to Remember, im just not quite old enough to try a milsim tho. I’m just looking for a gun that last and fun to shoot with. Iv’e tried to shoot with a gbbr and i immediately fell in love with feeling and blowback! Iv’e played airsoft in 2 years, owned 2 aeg’s, build my own sniper rifle, I know how to maintain an gas airsoft pistol proberly. So would you reccomend a gbbr with my current experience? Or should i get som more experience in airsoft?
What is proper GBB maintenance to you?

Please cite your maintenance protocols.

As for a's not about knowledge it's about money. GBBR are very expensive...for a full load-out
When i maintain my pistol i clean my barrel, lube surfaces that touch each other, o-rings and all the moving parts. I ofcause also clean the gun from exterior debris.
I know gbbr’s are very expensive, but do they often break? Including magazines?
and can i treat the weapon like i treat an aeg?
And what do you clean the barrel with?

They often do, they are not as durable as an AEG.

Magazine is the first point of failure due to rough handling and Siloxanes damage to the seals on some models.
For cleaning my barrel i use a tissue and some cleaning alcohol.
really nice to know that they often break. Thanks for letting me know :)
I own a lot of GBBR guns, a handfull of HPA guns, and have an aeg(this will actually surprise some of the people here:LOL::ROFLMAO:). I got my start with GBB sub machine guns. They are a lot of fun, but they have their drawbacks. As mentioned, they do brake and need much maintenance. AEGs need very little maintenance in comparison, just cleaning the barrel for the most part. Heavy use with AEG may cause you to want to open the gearbox to check the gears and regresase. They are relatively reliable, cheaper and lighter to play with. HPAs are expensive, but once they are set up all you need to do is clean the barrel for regular maintenance. So you need to keep in mind the drawbacks of each system when choosing them.
The real question for me is. Is it worth the money and maintenance to run a gbbr as a main?
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Maybe not to start with. But boy, I sure do love them too. You should look up Uller‘s thread of his builds. He’s spent a lot of time with his.
I’ll definitely do :)
all my friends have aeg’s. Does that mean that i can’t run around with them?
the reason i want a semi/auto gun is to experience some more action. Before i only sniped.
You can run SA and FA with an AEG.

A GBBR is just expensive.

GBBR - 350EU
EACH Spare Gas Magazine 40 EU (most people carry 8 spare) - 320EU
Gas Adapters and a rig to carry all magazines in empty or full condition - 120EU

See why GBBR's are expensive to get into?
Definitely but I mean, im going to buy an electric blowback rifle with accessories that cost pretty much the same anyways…
Im planning to buy a TM hk416D ngrs.
If i decide to buy a GBBR, i’ll buy the VFC hk416.
Pretty big fan of the 416😅
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