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Air gun Purple Gun barrel Trigger Gun accessory

Selling all my airsoft guns since i want to acquire new ones that fits the theme of my new gear set. I've taken good care of these over the years and they all haven't been used that much. Whoever buys the MP7 or GL 06 first, ill throw in a holster you can throw it into. Same goes for the ATP and M9, I'll throw in a holster that'll fit em. I'm open to a trade but i'm only looking for a KWA AK 74 and CZ 75. To clarify, all of these are gbb except the gl 06, but they're all green gas.

WE MSK Black, Non-Battlefield Version, Long Barrel + 4 30 rd mags, adjustable CQB nozzle with adjustment tool, MSK Flash Hider : $450 OBO
Purple Gun barrel Gun accessory Fashion accessory Bag

The fire selector switch on these things are really stiff that you couldn't even flip it with your thumb so i cut the springs down so that you can easily flip it around easier using just your thumb. The crappy plastic latch that locks the stock in broke so i fashioned a new one that's sturdier but unfolding the stock requires you to depress the latch to lock it back in place

KWA MP7 + CQB Bolt, 3 40rd mags, Nightglow fluid sights : $210 OBO
Camouflage Purple Gun barrel Gun accessory Pattern

ASG GL-06 + 3 KA 120rd shells : $180 OBO
Product Purple Air gun Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting

KWA ATP Full Auto Version + 20rd mag, 2 50 rd mags : $200 OBO
Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

WE M9(modded to full auto only) + 50rd mag : $60 OBO
Photograph Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Revolver

The full auto modification came with a sacrifice, the safety won't work but you can still replace the part that was filed down(an arm on the right side of the pistol, it moves when you pull the trigger) if you want to go back to single fire


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