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    So I have been talking to a buddy of mine who has been in and out of Afghanistan and we're just talking about gear. Now of course my curiousity gets the best of me and I ask if he was using the IOTV. He says:

    "Had both an IOTV and a plate carrier. Plate carriers were kinda crap design, IOTV was better protection but a lot heavier."


    He is in the local National Guard cavalry unit, and from the pictures I have seen, they were using Multicam.

    My question regarding him would be, what issued plate carrier would he be using?

    Also, he said his LT was using a plate carrier that " more of an IOTV design with the wrap around panels and Velcro front." that was purchased privately. Any thoughts?
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    The army uses a couple different KDH plate carriers. I'm sure your friend could point out whichever one he had:

    As for his LT's, there's no way to know without pictures. There are so many different carriers available for purchase that a general description isn't going to get us close.

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    Later(after I posted this) I asked him if he knew about the LBT 6094 and after he took a look at it, he said it looked a lot like what his LT had. Would a 6094 be something National Guard could purchase for deployment?

    Also, he does not recognize the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Line terms(belts, rigs, packs). Is this something that has spawned from Geardos or is it military originated?
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