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    My dad recently bought me a TON of gear for airsoft, from an ex-soldier who is deep into bad habits, sad really, but he gave him what I believe is an awesome deal on the gear. Neither of us know much about it all, and I was hoping you guys could help.

    Camo undershirt, velcro in many places, pockets on the sleeves, padded elbows, tag says "MASSIF"


    Camo hat, not much info on it, elastic around brim with opening I presume to hold shells? Floppy rim, 7 1/8 size.


    Brown T-shirt, it came with two of these, one says "GAC" and the other is "BVD"


    Camo jacket, pockets and Velcro all over, front chest pockets are angled.


    Camo pants, pockets down sides of legs.


    Light jacket, very durable material, pockets all over, I have 3 of these.


    "Field Jacket" very thick, durable material, "US Army embroidered on one side, soldier's name on the other. Mac 11 mag is there to caver the name. This was said to be "$160 value" by the seller. Also, any ideas on the best way to get my last name on there, instead of his?


    "Military Issue" goggles, came with protective sleeve, carrying case, and two lenses, (one black, one clear.).


    He paid $65 for the lot, everything was in pristine condition. Came with a green denim pull-string bag to put it all in as well. Any information on the value and exact names of the items is greatly appreciated.
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    If I remember correctly, knief please correct me if I'm wrong, but that Massif combat short is worth almost twice what you paid for the entire lot.

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    Massif Combat Shirt in ACU/UCP, they go for something like $170 new, but they're all over ebay for $40-$60

    ACU Boonie hat should go for $10ish

    Undershirts won't really get you anything, maybe $5 for both

    ACU blouse and pants are about $60 new each, call it $30 used, $50 for the set.

    M81 Woodland top should be about $15-$20 used.

    Goggles are Arena Flakjaks and sell for what, maybe $20? So $10-$15 used.

    The only thing I can't really price out from experience is the field jacket (Probably M-65). Google tells me anywhere from $25 to $110, so $50 might be a pretty reasonable price.

    Li'l Shaddy,

    Sort of, but not really. Here they are new, $169-$179:

    Here's the ebay search for massif combat search:

    I see buy it now's on ACU for $20. The market is saturated with them, so retail is way way above market value.
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    Thanks Knief, that was a big help. Now, does anyone know the best/cheapest way to either cover or replace the name on the field jacket?
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    It should just be a name tape stitched on. You can cut the stitching and pop it off.