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    Ok so I've been working on my gearbox an I've been having a bunch of questions that I needed answers to so I thought a thread on gearboxes would be a good idea. So here's my last question. Is the trigger contact supposed to have a spring connected to it?
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    the trigger shuttle has a return spring. the contacts themselves don't. on v6, the second stage contacts have a spring type mounting.

    the return spring does just that, it resets the trigger shuttle when the cutoff lever engages. the cutoff lever also has a return spring that is activated by the selector switch. when activated, the cutoff lever is pushed out of the way and bypasses the trigger shuttle. this is full auto (select fire) mode.

    as you should already know, the sector gear cam pushes the cutoff lever that causes the trigger contacts to break connection. this is how semi-auto works. when the cutoff lever starts to wear down, semi-auto slowly ceases to function. if the shuttle cutoff lever guide breaks, semi-auto will quit working.

    if the sector gear completes a cycle and lands on the cutoff lever, there will be no trigger contact (no trigger response). switching to full auto will bypass the semi-auto lockup and reset the trigger shuttle.

    when the trigger pull gets longer and longer until it takes about a second after the trigger is pulled to get a response, then the contacts are losing connectivity. usually caused by carbon buildup, high amp arcing damage, or combination of both damage and contamination.

    on KWA and JG gearboxes, i often pre-stretch the shuttle spring. this reduces the tension on the shuttle block column and helps avoid the column from breaking off.

    also note that the safety selector plate contacts are also affected by carbon fouling from high discharge batteries.
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