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    So from what I have gathered Krytac seems to be a brand favorite on this forum, so I have decided that I would pick one up. However before I do, I've got some questions.

    1) Why is the company loved by so many? What sets it apart from others like VFC, G&P, etc...?

    2) I was thinking of getting one around Black Friday, does Krytac usually go on sale around this time or are they MAP products?

    3) For those that don't like Krytac, what other brands do you recommend? I would like to stay in the sub $300 price range.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Jeranhound

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    Krytac is popular for a number of reasons this last year or so. Firstly, they're just solidly constructed. Good quality externals that don't have any major reports of failure among all those buying them. Also, people really dig keymod.

    Second, they've got a mosfet from the factory. So that's $50 you don't have to spend on upgrades, with a gun that costs about the same amounted as a railed VFC.

    As for discounts, I have no clue. Evike says they're MAP, but it's possible Jag Precision will have retailer specials and you might get 10-15% off.

    And for other brands to look at, G&P are another great choice in M4s around the same price. Milled aluminium externals that are all really high quality, and solid enough internals that don't have any particular well-known weaknesses. Much like a Cyma AK, you slap a battery in it and it'll just work for a long time.

    Avoid G&P AKs, though. Bad deal compared to E&L at the same price.

    G&G's Top Tech line is also a really solid choice in the $300-350 range, nothing at all like the combat machines.

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    Yeah the reason I started looking at Krytac is because of the Keymod and MOSFET becuase a gun that I have just had an electrical problem. I for sure will not even look at the Top Tech G&Gs, because all 3 top techs that I have owned have all had problems very soon after purchasing them. Now I heard that Krytac has the infamous double feed issue with lipos, but if I plan on using only 9.6v or 7.4s will that issue occur?
  4. MADR77

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    Really no one can tell anything about Krytac? I thought there were a bunch of owners on this forum from all of the recommendations people are giving...
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    Krytac is a relatively new brand on a market with very tough competition, so it'll take some time before they have a large customer base.
  6. MADR77

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    Alright thanks I have decided to get a King Arms instead for their great externals and above average internals..(If average is JG or CA)
  7. Amish

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    IMO they have come up to the level of KWA and compete directly with KWA. Great gun out of the box that requires no work to perform well. It is a great alternative to KWA.

    KWA on the other hand seems to be hated by this forum but out of the box it performs amazingly well. Out of the box KWA wins hands down IMO of course.
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    Subscribed to this thread and failed to post as originally intended...
    Nevertheless, here are my 2 cents from someone who handled one for a weekend.

    Krytac's biggest selling point are their trigger response. Honestly I haven't seen many stock guns with the type of instant response of the Krytac, but at the same time, the rate of fire isn't as impressive as one would think that usually comes with a fast trigger response, though the MOSFET may be a good reason as to why. Out of the box many users feel better running an 11.1v Lipo with these guns than many other stock guns. Not saying I support the idea, but I haven't heard many horror stories with the gun on a 11.v Lipo.

    Now Krytac does have self-shimming gears, which many simply do not like.

    Not sure why we're comparing this to KWA (unless you're a KWA fanboy), but to that I'll simply remind you of KWA's lackluster hop-up. Truth be told, I ONLY seen KWA fanboys recommend KWA of Krytac. All other players on various outlets would recommend Krytac over KWA, no questions asked. Out of the box, nearly all unbiased players prefer Krytac's performance over KWA. KWA simply has that following.

    But the biggest selling point is in line with that of G&G. Aesthetically they look great AND they have eye-catching stocks, and the Keymods that everyone is going crazy over, BUT unlike G&G, Krytac has the performance to back up their external appeal.
  9. Allizard

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    Self shimming gear on the Krytac isn't the same as VFC. And there is only ONE on the spur gear. The spring is very strong. It does what's supposed to do and hold gear in place. If you don't like it pull it off and install your brass collar and shimmed it.

    As for rate of fire, at stock it's already running 24-25 rps with a 11.1v lipo. I'm not sure if you can call it slow.

    The product is already out for more than a year. It's not new and most of the issue people have complained about ie. feeding have already resolved.
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