Get a $200 Gun for $1! AirSplat What the Buck Sale!?

  1. AirSplat

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    AirSplat's WHAT THE BUCK?! Sale! Guns that Don't Suck for a Buck!

    With all the FREE guns you can get, shoppers will be saying "WHAT THE
    BUCK?!?!" For a limited time only, AirSplat shoppers can get an airsoft
    gun for $1 with purchases up to $100! These aren't your cheap springer
    airsoft guns that you get for free like other retailer sales. These are
    legit AEGs, gas blowbacks, and more. All you have to do is spend a total of $100 or $250 and get a gun for ONE DOLLAR!

    Orders Over $100 - Code WTBUCK100

    When you spend a total of $100 or more, you
    qualify for a $1 airsoft gun! Check out the guns in the WTBUCK100

    Orders Over $250 - Code WTBUCK250
    When you spend a total of $250 or more, you
    qualify for a $1 airsoft gun! Check out the guns in the WTBUCK250
  2. TAC-Savage

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    Green Bay
    A few questions: You never mentioned the benefits of spending 250 over just 100, I take it you get a better gun? And you don't automatically get one do you? It says "a chance to win" or something like that. So if you spend $250 do you just get a better chance at winning one, you don't automatically win? If so, what are the odds of winning? Unless they can give a straight answer, don't be tricked.

  3. Protectionperfection

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    click the links and see the options... Well, $100: Double Eagle, AirSplat brand... Youd be better off with Crossman $250: APS and JG... not too bad, id do that for a buck But the deal isnt clear as you stated. It doesnt specify how you win only that you qualify and can win
  4. AirSplat

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    @Protectionperfection @TAC-Savage Once you spend over $100 or $250 on ANYTHING (not necessarily a gun) you qualify for a free gun in its appropriate category! You pick a gun from the category you qualify for and add it to your cart and get that gun for a dollar. You will get a gun for a dollar as long as you meet the requirements, add the gun you want to your cart, and apply the correct coupon code.