Getting Out of Airsoft Sale (High end guns/gear)

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    Selling pretty much all of my ****. What you see in the pics is what you get. All accessories on guns and such are INCLUDED. Prices do not include shipping and I ship to CONUS only. PayPal only. PayPal fees will be covered by myself as they are included in the pricing. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos, feel free to message me. NO TRADES

    KWA LM4 Magpul Edition - $500 OBO

    PTS KWA LM4 Magpul Edition with: 4 Stanag style mags, 2 GBBR PTS EPM mags, 12 inch Madbull PWS Keymod Rail, Repro functional PEQ15, PTS Stubby grip, Repro Inforce WML, PTS SCAR style flash hider. Recently replaced air nozzle and nozzle return spring. No issues.

    VFC SCAR H/MK17 - $280 OBO

    VFC SCAR with: 2 Mid cap Mags, G&G T1, Magpul AFG, Lonex A1 Motor, Madbull 6.03 inner barrel, Wired to Deans. Original hinge connection for the battery replaced with low resistance wirin-g. Only issue is the right side selector does not funcion.

    MK18 Polarstar - $500-$650 OBO

    Custom MK18 Polarstar: CYMA Colt Body, G&P Buffer Tube, DD MK18 Rail, MK18 Outer Barrel, PTS MK18 Flash hider, Repro EOTech, Unknown flashlight, Magpul AFG, Flip up sights, Gen 3 Fusion Engine, Black nozzle, Blue nozzle, Orga Barrel, Prowin Hopup, Amped Grip Line, FCU. Only issues are that the buffer tube needs a little tightening, the charging handle spring is missing, and I do not have the body pins for the reciever (easy fix).
    This can include the Ninja tank, and Amped Regulator and Line for an extra $150.

    PTS RM4 ERG CQB - $200

    BRAND NEW RM4 with PTS grip and G&P EOTech. No Issues. Just purchased a week ago.

    Elite Force 1911 Tac - $100 OBO

    Elite Force 1911 Tac with three mags (one brand new) Good condition, no issues.

    Ninja Tank, Amped Regulator and Line - $180 OBO

    Tank is 3000 PSI/40 CU and Aluminum. And then of course the Amped Regulator and Line.

    TMC(?) Airframe - SOLD

    Repro Airframe of some sort with: Crye Multicam cover, Lancer Tactical Manta strobe, Condor Pads, and unknown brand counterweight pouch.

    Semapo 6094a AOR1 - $150 OBO

    AOR1 Semapo 6094a: Size Medium. Comes with Mayflower M4 Mag insert and unknown brand 27oz hydro pouch.

    Uknown Brand Custom Kydex Thunder B/Smoke Grenade Pouches - SOLD

    PTS Magpul CTR Stock with Buffer Tube - $40

    Venom NiCd/NiMH/LiPo Smart Charger - $40

    Tenergy LiPo Smart Charger - SOLD

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    You're quitting? That's too bad. I liked your channel.

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    Messaged on fb and here, very interested in that SCAR! GWS!
  4. Ruger

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    Any shooting videos of the Mk18? also is it missing both body pins or just one? 2. Is the buffer tube screw just loose? 3.Will the CTR fit?
  5. ultimatespetsnazl0adout

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    Was thinking aboit getting the VFC Scar
  6. BBs4Breakfast

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    yes i do ship to central NJ
  7. meh

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    Near Chicago area
    Is the erg still for sale?
  8. Willing to part the midcaps?
  9. cobraspade

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    Hey you still got the EF 1911 TAC?
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    Fort Wayne
    Still got the magpul rm4?