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**SOLD**Getting out - WTS Marui Socom M4 w/ free KWA Glock 17

Key Points:
1) I am in San Diego, CA
2) Paypal or US MO ok
3) FTF & cash preferred if you're in Southern California
4) I am getting out. No airsoft-related trades.
5) Additional photos available upon request or as needed.
6) I have tons and tons of positive feedback over many different boards. I can provide this as needed.

Well, after about 14 years of airsoft, it's time for me to get out.

Looking to sell my Marui recoil Shock Socom M4. It's in excellent condition and has an upgraded Eagle6 spring. Last chrono was about a year ago and it registered 350fps with 0.2g's. This AEG had no problem matching the effective range of my friend's R-hopped, Polarstar SR25. Bb's took a little longer to get there, but they did get there. Recoil function and bolt stop function both work great.

Originally had it set up to mirror a 16" AR15, and I will include the barrel and extension to go that way if you want to as well.

Included in the package:

1x Marui Socom M4
1x Madbull barrel (407mm)
1x barrel extension
6x Magpul PMAG mids (now discontinued)
1x Marui Standard
1x Marui Hicap
1x D-Boys PEQ
1x unknown PEQ-15
4x Lipo batteries wired for deans
1x Deans extension
1x G&P low profile gas block
1x G&P delta ring parts (for using standard handguard / rails / etc)

To sweeten the deal, and because I don't want to deal with selling it separately, I am including a very well-loved KWA Glock 17. I think its seven years old. The frame is still solid and the mags still hold gas without leaks. I think the slide may need to be replaced, but it should still be good for plinking. Didn't use it all that much, but it's got lots of holster wear. Also, I think I have a RS Glock front sight on there.

Looking for $430 shipped - SOLD.

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