GFC SVD replica Upgrade path questions

Discussion in 'Sniper Rifles' started by Out, Nov 16, 2015.

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    I've been looking for an SVD replica, I've come to the conclusion the GFC version matches my budget the most.

    Link to productpage :

    I've also decided I won't keep it in its stock configuration.
    My usual field is a relatively dense forest, engagement distances not reaching over 60-70 meters. Thus range is not the biggest goal.

    So far I've thought of the following accuracy parts :

    Airsoftpro A&K SVD Hop up :

    Madbull 6.03 Black python V2 590MM :

    G&G green bucking :

    I've also thought of the possibility of a flat hop, I'm too incompetent to do an R-Hop so I've ruled that out. If I do decide to flat-hop, Namazu firefly or Prommy flat hop (Soft or hard?)?

    As for Power/reliability, I've thought of the following :

    PPS Piston stop :

    Airsoftpro Reinforced pistol v3 :

    Airsoftpro steel cylinder head :

    As for the BB's I'm thinking of using, it would be the Rockets platinum .28 Bio's.

    What do you fellas think of this plan?
    Would there be any conflicts?
    Would it even be effective for a range of 70 meters?

    Thanks for reading, cheers.
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    Thanks for the information

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    I have the same gun shooting at 530fps. I use 0.40gr bbs and I am very happy with it. This gun shoots at 460-480fps out the box, so you should use 0.30-0.36 bbs.
    If your local field allows it, upgrade it with a Guarder SP150 spring. Then it will be shooting at 520fps or so, and you can shoot 75-80m straight, and a maximun range of 100m.

    I have a PPS hop up chamber (a must), M150 spring, red Madbull bucking and some diy mods (teflon mod,...).