GHK G5 for what Gas m4?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by KinkTheMook, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. KinkTheMook

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    I dont know how many times this Q gets asked and will take down this post if I find one in this forum that answers my thread.

    Alright guys so I got my ghk g5. I love it to bits Gas efficient awesome "polymer" mags nice carbine kit handling, no cracks solid 430-450 on green gas/prop. BUT yes BUT I want to go back to and m4 because I want to make a gun like the first airsoft gun ive had my eyes on lol. That being said the G5 lacks rail options that appeal to me. I love this thing for the gas efficiency. I honestly dont want to put to much work in it as my first gbb m4 was near a disaster just a money sink but i forgot the brand. This g5 has run months and months with just the 4 mags i use so well that I find it hard to give up but dam help me out guys lol. WE? WA system (woc, ghk, agm, ka.), KJW, KWA???

    NOTE: Im looking to trade it for said M4 Gbb lol

    TLDR Which gun is just as gas efficient, reliable OOTB and performs well like the Ghk g5....Thats an m4 gbb lol
  2. SavageSpartan

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    GHK M4 a bit pricey but you can still use your ghk g5 mags and should still have the same gas efficiency

  3. Kyon

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    You already own the G5 so I'd go with the GHK. The efficiency will probably less, the stock GHK M4 bolt is a little heavier than the G5 but still good. Their M4 is just as good as the G5.