Gift for airsofter boyfriend?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by lumaross, Feb 15, 2016.

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    My boyfriend is really into airsofting and his birthday is coming up. He pretty much already owns all the supplies and guns and uniforms he could ever need or want, so i wanted to see if there was some sort of cool experience i could give him. He already goes to a pretty cool field near us (we are in southern california) so the location for a gift would have to be pretty damn cool. I don't mind buying plane tickets or spending money on this. Is there some sort of cool airsofting places or events that would make a good present? He's turning 20, if that matters
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  2. TheLockenator

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    Well, its gonna depend on where you are, but there are usually small MILSIM ops in every corner of the country. If you're near the south east, Milsim west is going there soon, and you can still register. Pretty cool events that would be a great gift, in my eyes

  3. airsoftmaniacman

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    Get him a ticket to a Lion Claws, American MilSim, or MilSim West event around your area.

    That is, if he doesn't already go to them.
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    I second that. A milsim ticket or maybe something simple like bbs or CO2 or something he needs to play is good. Dont get gear things that are preferential unless he says what he wants.
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    S. Florida
    The next Lion Claw is March 5, if his bday is in the next week or so I'd get him a ticket there. If not May 27 is the next event. Just keep in mind, most of us like at least a week or so to plan for these type events.

    Maybe buy an optic like an EOTech or soemthing (because we airsofters LOVE optics), and inside the box add a lil love note that mentions him going to the event.

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