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  1. bal1

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    I've been thinking: what if I mounted an ics glm to an ics m16 ras. Well now I decided im going to do it. But before I begin purchasing parts and grenades, I have some questions like:
    Can I remove the stock on the glm?
    Where can I get a rail adapter so I can mount them together(also what is the terminology for rails and rail mounts)?
    One last thing how much does the glm weigh fully loaded?
    If anyone could help me out with this I would be much appreciative.
  2. Protectionperfection

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    The glm fully loaded weighs quite a little bit. That would be very bulky as well. If you want to go ahead because it seems cool but the size turns me off.
    As far as the rail mounts you just need to get two mounting rails and bolt them together back to back. Drill holes in them if there are non already or just use crazy glue. The rail pieces can be found on any online store. Just get two rail risers or one and glue it to the top rail of the glm.
    The stock is removable on the glm as well