Glock vs baretta m9 gas blowback pistols

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by newbieairsoft123, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. newbieairsoft123

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    Wich looks better to you? Wich one feels better? Wich one typically has a better brand? Does anyone own either? If I was on your team would you rather see me with a glock or baretta? Im pretty sure they both perform the same but wich one looks better? Wich one is more popular? Wich is generally less expensive? Wich one has parts easier to find if it breaks? Wich is more reliable? Im buying either one today at my local airsoft arenas store but id like more info on them which should I get? Please help. If you had 150$ to spend would you get glock or barreta? Sorry I asked this question before but I wasnt able to get good feedback because my thread was locked too early for no reason what is your opinion on the two? I think they both look great and cant decide between the two id like to hear from people that own either one thanks :)
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    Your thread was locked because it was useless. Just like this one.

    You are to lazy to do any research what so ever and just want us to spoon feed you.

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