GNG barrel replacement options

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    Hello I ran into a little issue I picked up an awesome gng m4. I ended up swapping out the internals with kwa internals. Yesterday I went to test range an accuracy with my gun. My gun is shooting hard the problem I ran into was that my m4 is not as accurate as I like. At about 50 yards away I was having a hard time hitting 3 bales of hay. (excuse my spelling) I then came to the conclusion that my barrel and inner barrel are really short. I then tried to replace my outer and internal barrel with one of my scrap guns (jg m4). I then realized that my m4 on the gng body was completely different and now I am not sure how to get my outer barrel off of the gng. So is there anyway that i can swap these barrels and get this to work?
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    You should tune your hop-up before you turn to your barrel.
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    Yeah, G&G outer barrels are different, you can swap to the JG one if you want. I haven't had to take one off myself, though.
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    I tried to adjust my hop up on it and it was just really inconsistent, But I did get a barrel extension and a suppressor. I also received 7 mags, 2 new high caps (still in package) 3 magpul mid caps, and 2 used high caps for $40 so it worked out!
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    Barrel length has little to no effect on accuracy and range, unless we're talking extremes in both ends of the scale. Surfer is on the right track, you can greatly increase accuracy and range with DIY mods. Start by optimizing compression, so you get a consistent power output. Then you should make sure the barrel and hop-up assembly is stable inside the gun. Regular tape or teflon tape works great for stabilizing the barrel. A better hop-up bucking can also help, and also make sure the barrel and hop-up bucking is 100% clean and 100% DRY, NO LUBE!
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    I understand that. But I had a bad hop up and my inner barrel was short so I swapped my barrel from my jg which had basically a brand new hop up. Tighter bore as well. I appreciate everyone's help I gave had the problem resolved.
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    the bottom one reaches 200 feet... stabilize both inner and outer barrel with your choice of teflon tape or foil tape. madbull blue bucking works great, but the stock G&G green also works fine. do a chrono test to see if you have massive leakage. 360fps with .25g gets you to 200 feet without any problems (that's around 400 fps with .20g).

    the top one is 300 fps, range is zero'd at 100 feet.
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    I am still having issues with the hop up unit I am thinking the seal in the hop up is having issues. So what is a really good hop up unit and good bucking?
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