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Discussion in 'Company Reviews' started by ClockEO, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. ClockEO

    ClockEO New Member

    Hey everyone here is how I feel about godfather airsoft. First off I think everyone has there own opinion and will tell you something different about every airsoft store. Some people hate evike some people love it ect. So here are some of my opinions on the store. I won't go into specifics, but feel free to if you have any stories you would like to say good or bad.
    Website 2/10. Rarely updated.
    Return policy 0/10 No returns accepted.
    Prices Fair~ (see terms of their price match)
    Inventory in store 7/10 lots of Guns and gear but little internals to upgrade with.
    Customer service 0-10/10 it REALLY depends who you talk to. Ask for a tech to be sure.
    Repair shop. 1/10 they don't have enough techs to fix the amount of guns they get.
    Store size 10/10 perfect also they are expanding soon. So be prepared for some changes in the future. Hopefully they will be good ones!
    *Alright so I feel that this is an unbiased and fair responce also please take into consideration that the company is not even a year old yet. So expect improvements as they fine tune the issues they may have.
  2. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    If you're not going to go into specifics, then this thread need not exist. This section is for members to give detailed reviews of their transactions and experiences with companies. "Reviewing" a retailer without giving specifics or details is useless. Add substance that includes your dealings with the company or we'll go ahead and lock up this thread.

    Furthermore, you can get rid of the commentary in your first paragraph. This section is not set up for you to analyze or speculate about how others feel about the company. Everything in your post must be a personal account of your interaction with the brand. Anything else should be left out.

  3. ClockEO

    ClockEO New Member

    Just delete the thread then sorry wrong place for it then I don't want it here
  4. Shady

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    Of course your review is biased. You feeling the need to say its unbiased says it is biased.

    Due to the lack of actual information, and the obvious bias, im locking this.
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