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    I have always had problems with fogging before I found out about these tiny micro fans you can attach to your goggles and started using them. They worked so well that I even decided to make some more of them. Most fans are 20x10mm(~0.8x0.4") or 25x10mm (~1x0.4") and powered by AA, 9V, or 18650 batteries.

    I keep the prices as low as possible and they are around 15$ shipped. Shipping to US takes 1-2 weeks(4-8 work days) via priority mail or 2-3 weeks(10-16 work days) via economy mail from Finland. Message me if you are interested!

    some examples:




    Thanks for looking!
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    Sorry mate, we don't allow links to Ebay here.

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    Still trying to find fans that're small enough to fit my goggles lol