Goggles or mask ?

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  1. leew84

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    Hi guys, I'm currently very new to airsoft (as some of you may of guessed) and as such am about to start looking into what would be best in the way of face/eye protection.
    I have noticed a few threads which state that goggles are better and also threads which state that masks are better which is why i am unsure on what to go with.
    Is this a kind of on-going debate between players or is it just more of a personal preference ?

    Any help would be greatly taken on-board.

    thank you in advance. :)
  2. Shiftyshooter

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    First of all, you need to know that you need airsoft goggles not, just some random ski ones.

    Mask vs. goggles is an eternal question. If you are afraid to get hurt in your face, get the mask. If you do not mind getting shot in the face every now nad then (it is inevitable), get the goggles.

  3. Thatguyoverthere1111

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    What Shifty said, and that some fields may require full face masks, so keep that in mind. If there are any fields you plan in going to, ask them what they require as far as face protection.

    Other than that it's personal preference.
  4. leew84

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    Ah ok, thanks guys, i have been looking at a full face mask with mesh but wanted to ask before i went out and brought something i shouldnt. I have also contacted my local field for advice and am currently waiting on they're reply.
  5. broadsword

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    New York
    It depends what type of game your playing. You can use googles and shemag for CQB and a mask for field because the bbs are being shot at a much longer distance so it wont hurt as much. You can also were googles and a mesh mask like i do. It works really well and i almost never get shrapnel through it. But its a personal preference question so my suggestion would be to try all but if you have a tight budget then you should try googles with face mask

    (it comes in multiple colors and generations)

    Googles: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPath=30_149&products_id=29160
  6. leew84

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    Thank you for the links broadsword, i will have a look and see what they have, do u know if they ship to the UK at all ?
  7. Thatguyoverthere1111

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    Just buy from a European or Asian retailer. Don't bother buying from the states when you get it cheaper elsewhere.
  8. leew84

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    I will do so, thank you for the advice.
  9. alex

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    if you use optics, you will need a riser with masks. goggles allows your cheeks to rest lower. we use masks because we value our skins (no exposed skins). we also use shemaghs. works great on 100+ degree days. it's normally around 90-95 with no wind here in GA. once the shemagh gets soaked with sweat, it cools us down. thermal goggles/masks work great to reduce fogging. but if you wear glasses, you will need a fan.
  10. ModernBadCompany

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    My friend is getting lenses for his mask with built in glasses
  11. 703

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    It's really personal prefrance. However I've been seeing a lot more fields making it mandatory that you have SOME type of protection for your face. At my field anyone under 16 has to have a hard type like a paintball mask / lower mesh & goggles and over 18 you can have a softer material like neoprone.

    I made the switch this year mainly because my field required it and I havn't looked back. I definatly recomend some type of face protection.

    As far as mask VS goggles. There are so many goggles & full / half masks on the market that you just have to decide what you like best but more importantly what is the most comfortable.