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    I'm either looking at the LCT or E&L branded stuff or the Arcturus AK12 ETU version or the GHK AKM or their Draco replica. I'm looking for one that is a good performer that has good fit & finish and possibly the ability to use real steel AK furniture like from Midwest & Magpul brands. Any recommendatory under 460 clams?
  2. Guges Mk3

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    GHK is Not in the same class as an LCT, Arcturus or E&L AEG.

    It will eat itself due to pot metall parts banging on steel parts.

    LCT, E&L and Arcturus can easily sport RS parts. Some higher grade CYMA too.

    You can get a LOT for under 400 shipped. If you pay more than that...your getting fleeced.

  3. richman992

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    Huge recommendation for LCT. If you’re wanting a draco, get a LCT TX Baby. There is a wooden LCT Baby but it was a limited run and is very, very rare. I have yet to find one for sale either from a retailer or privately.

    I’m running a strike industries AK trax, but with some woodworking and a few mounting parts you could definitely make wood grips fit. This is my TX Baby all done up:


    I had a GHK AK years ago and for the price I was pretty disappointed in the performance. The magazines were also pretty expensive and had tons of issues. And that’s in addition to the issue Guges mentioned.

    I have another gun running an E&L gearbox and that’s nice as well. The quick change spring is awesome, but I personally think the LCT is just a little better built internally. But from what I’ve seen, E&L really shines in the externals department so that is worth taking into consideration.

    Cyma is the tried and true “this should be your first AK” brand. Stay away from the plastic receiver and TM style models and they’re a great affordable AK. They are nothing special, but you can easily field a stock Cyma and still do just fine.
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    Surprised to hear you say that about GHK, Guges. Not that I am disagreeing with you. I don't have any experience with their products.

    But what makes me surprised is the number of people who swear by GHK's build quality. Everybody says the WE gbbrs have pot metal parts that wear out quickly. But at least replacement parts are readily available and cheap. Their guns are reasonably priced and their G36c, Scars and Apache MP5s are well thought of. Their M4s seem to be unreliable but I hear their AKs are not bad.

    GHKs have nice externals but I am assuming the parts in their trigger blocks are pot metal too. And their guns are not without problems. And I have no idea how widely available parts for them are.

    The bloke who makes the Negative Airsoft videos reckons that since gbbrs need constant attention, you should always go for the ones that have good parts backup. Which would mean TM if you have the cash or WE if you don't.
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    It's just a fact and I don't sugar coat the issues.

    I had a GHK M4 and took it to Police Explorer's convention to let them "experience" the functionality of a real AR.

    That thing broke down with a shredded BCG after about 30 mags of use.

    Sadly...I have yet to have a GHK user prove their unit is stock after a year of use. If GHK were built so well, W&S wouldn't exist...but they do and they make the kits to make the GHK's more durable.
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    I have a buddy who runs a ghk ak, apparently the rumor is the newer ones in the last couple years have steel sears and other critical improvements. Not sure of their m4 lineup. There are a lot of aftermarket parts as well. But out of the box you will have less than 50 rounds a mag, and mags being way to pricy.

    Awhile back I bought a newer lct ak, it had a quality control issue making the barrel off to the right by a lot. Enough for me to mail it back. Could have been a lazy worker or bad machining jigs for the receiver cutout for the barrel.

    Cyma seems to have many different quality lineups and design types taken from other manufacturers. Some being trash, others being quite decent.
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    That's weird, considering the GHK BCG is steel and the FCG is probably weaker than it.
    Anecdotal evidence for sure but I've gotten both of these GHKs secondhand in 2019, the M4 being my primary since then (going through anywhere between 5-30 mags/month). All factory parts.


    Their AKs are nice, M4 externals not so much until recently - mine is a v1 with the semigloss paint. Parts are available from their distributor Samoon, but there is very little aftermarket for the 'guts' - similar to KWA, who also has a really good firstparty distribution.

    I heard for a long time the GHK AK hammer and autosear would blow up early (replace with Hephaestus parts) but if they fixed it then that's good news. M4 v2 just had a better receiver finish, updated bolt carrier, magnetic bolt stop, and lighter mags.

    If GHK comes out with an AK-12 or RPK-16 replica, I'll be getting it for sure. I was already eyeing the LCK-16...
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  8. Guges Mk3

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    The BcG that I had in the demo M4 was not steel.

    The tip where the nozzle sits chipped off and That chip wedged in the travel path and jammed the GBBR. BCG was 3CM stuck back into the buffer, so I couldn't open the receiver. I have to disassemble the buffer and push the BCG forward to get it unjammed.
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    If you got say a we m4 what parts would you upgrade and have on hand? I really want a t91 but I know gas gun can be fragile.
  10. Guges Mk3

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    Upgrade and readily available parts for a WE M4 is not as plentiful as you may think.

    The platform that actually has it all is the TM MWS.