Good areas for free airsofting?

Discussion in 'Virginia Airsoft Forum' started by otters4, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Stating off with location I'm around the Ballahack field and I'm just looking for areas to airsoft for free. It can be abandon buildings or just a good patch of woodland but it needs to be semi-far from public eye. I appreciate the responses in advance.
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    Make sure you don't play on any land you don't personally own or have the explicit permission of the land owner to use.

    You can/will get in to serious legal (and/or danger) trouble if you play on public land or private property without persmission.
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    Why if you don’t mind me asking do you want to play airsoft in some remote place when you have one of the biggest fields on the East Cost right near you? It’ll probably be well worth your time and money to go there instead of risking getting in trouble with the law. Plus it will be a lot more fun whether you bring friends or not.
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    My first reason of not wanting to go to Ballahack because they organize for you, I want freedom of what to do. My second reason is that when they established their store it had an extreme harsh effect on BlackJack Tactical to the point where Brian the god tier tech, and all techs, where put on leave since their review dropped. My third reason is that they raised their price to entry from 20 to 25, also their refs are not the best. My final reason is that I want to go airsofting whenever I want, not just on the weekends.

    I should probably clarify my intentions when airsofting for free. I an 2000% willing to do it legally ether getting authorization from a private property owner or from the state.
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    $25 bucks for a field that large is a pretty good price! Remember they have to pay for insurance, the land, and new additions to the field. Plus employees.

    Another thing to note is this is a global airsoft forum. You might not be able to find any places near you. Try posting ads on craigslist, Facebook, or more local airsofting groups. Talk to land owners, try to get their permission. You'll have more success that route
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    Its listed as a large field but its mostly swamp, the field is also essentially a large donut so unless you want to get fully into the mud its mainly just front vs front without flanking. Also I posted this in the Virginia section hoping that it would be more narrowed in people passing by it.

    For the idea of ads that does sound interesting and I will look into that, thanks.
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    There are several different options, but you may have to drive. The old Virginia Airsoft Force forum guys are still around, though the forum is long defunct. OSN-RUS hosts games at Afton VA. There are games in Zuni on occasion, Centurion Holdings LLC holds games in the Lynchburg/Bedford area, and as far as I know the Airsoft Club at Va Tech (ACVT) is still operational.

    As far as your local area, just ensure that you have written permission to use property. It's funny how a land owner can "forget" that they gave you permission over the phone, or worse you gained verbal permission from some one that doesn't have the authority to actually give it to you. Written permission is hard to dispute. And for the record, I have seen both of those exact scenarios played out...
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