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    Whether that's plate carriers, pouches, or pants. I want your recommendations.
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    Primarily Crye Precision, LBT, Ferro Concepts, Velocity Systems, TYR Tactical, First Spear for carriers/pouches

    Pouches moreso than carriers: Eagle Industries, HSGI, ATS

    Clothing: Crye Precision, UF Pro, Patagonia, Arcteryx, Outdoor Research, Beyond

    This just a handful if companies I can think of off the top of my head and by no means is it all
    of them. It’s definitely the main names of the US market unless im missing a few.
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    Eagle Industries and LBT make issued stuff. The MBAV, RRV, 6094, etc. If you don't want to chance yourself on surplus or pay the high price of a new carrier/rig, Flyye makes very good (if heavy) repros, but you will be waiting a while since they ship out of HK.

    For clothes, you will be paying out the nose, any way you slice it. Crye once, buy once is a saying for a reason. They last forever. Patagonia and Arcteryx are the same. However if you want a decent set of Cryes in any pattern or color you want, check out Roman Kurmaz. I have a set of his G3 pants in DCU and a set in M81 on the way, but he does a bunch of patterns; DNC, Rhodesian Brush, Flecktarn, Hidden Hentai. Just ask and he'll give you a estimate. My DCU's and M81's were about $170 each.
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    Elk Grove
    Depends how Gucci you are willing to go.
    Plate carriers: My favorite is the Mayflower LPAAC
    Pouches: Esstac or Eagle Industries with kydex
    Pants: I don't have any Gucci pants, I really like my Carhartt relaxed fit ripstop cargos pants, Dickies FLEX Double Knee Pants or Vertx Phantom LT 2.0 pants
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