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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by TexasAirsofter, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. TexasAirsofter

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    Hey guys i am new to this website and i just need some help looking for a good CQB gun. I have a spending limit of 300 dollars and i am looking for something that is reliable and also has a fast fire rate.
  2. transition

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    well that pretty much leaves you open to about 21000 guns. What do you like the looks of? what do you use now? what features do you want? Questions like that should help you narrow down a gun.

  3. Sparky_D

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  4. Radar159

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    get a Echo 1 full metal Stag-15 m4, and it will please you, it costs around 255, but I think evike has a dal for 210, so you can get extra mags, faces mask, sling and a vest.

    USPxMASTERx New Member

    Personally I suggest almost any KWA pistol, NOT the ATP. Then you will have plenty of money for more mags, and you can get a Blackhawk CQC Serpa Sportster Holster. Oh and get a propane adapter and use propane, it will be the 3rd of the price of a can of green gas.
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    You could try a King Arms P90, Rate of fire is decent but I think is LIPO ready out of the box. It is well under your budget at 240ish depending in where you go which leaves plenty of money for mags, slings, scopes, ETC and if you decide to start playing field, or if you already do, it is great because of the bullpup design.
  7. Archer627

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    There is no such thing as Lipo ready. It's just Marketing thing to get you to buy their product. Any gun can take a Lipo, some just won't last long.
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    He owns a GBB so he will tell you that is THE BEST! As will I tell you how WE is good. Some people on here are very knowledgable but, you should not just listen to them. Listen to other reviews and do research on your gun before you buy it. Notice how I'm tell you what to do.

    I would not get a pistol unless you play CQB and even that is at a disadvantage to a AEG. I use a pistol for CQB and love it but, I think the AEG is the all around better offer.
  9. samwill27

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    Ok thanks for the tip, the gearbox looks like it would last a bit using a LIPO it has a metal gearbox shell, metal bushings and a metal spring guide.
  10. Devgru98

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    I would agree, he wants an AEG with a good rate of fire.. Kwa pistols are good, with a couple exeptions but he wants an AEG, I'd say if your not helping, don't post. Also I know your budget is $300, and if your set on the P90 just disregard this but if you have a vest, ammo mask. I'd suggest getting a G&P or maybe VFC their prices tend to be higher but their guns are great!
  11. samwill27

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    Yes it would (20 charecters)
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