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    Does anyone know of any one point slings that I can use on my plate carrier? I only have the condor one and this thing is awful to use. It makes my gun hang below my entire plate carrier. So when I drop my gun to draw my pistol, I have to waddle everywhere I go, looking like a fool on the field. Please help!
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    What about something like this? eBay LINK

    Which Condor one? Can you link it as there's a few Condor one point slings. And where is your sling attachment point (on which gun)?

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    It would be easier for you to google it, then come back with what you've found for suggestions. What you've told us is very vague.
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    I use the one I bunched up a bit on the shoulder when I do a quick shoulder change, so I might try a different one... or just not use a sling. But that prevents all that fun with sidarm quick draws.

    I also got a sling attachment tube cap.... where the buffer tube meets the lower receiver.

    Something like THIS or THIS. I have the tapco one because the magpul one wasnt available at the store I was at.

    Note there may be some buffer tube size issues. Here's that story: LINK I still use mine with no issues.
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    Magpul MS2 or MS3. Or anything with an ITW mash clip. There are a ton of real steel one point slings out there for a reasonable price. Buying one from an airsoft company is asinine. At the very least, pick up a BHI or Tactical Tailor sling.
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    Personally I like the 5.11 one point sling. You can adjust it. It's built very sturdy, and has 3 bungie cords inside the cover they arent very stretchy but its enough So when you drop your gun it doesn't rip your hook off. The clip that hooks on you gun is metal. It's a real steel one point sling. (I have one on my ar-15)