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Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by luciouseyebrowz, Dec 27, 2015.

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    front wired gearbox for one thing, that is going to limit battery space.

  2. luciouseyebrowz

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    Not a problem for me.
  3. Tactical_Skittles

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    That setup is fine, but I would also get heavier BBs and switch to a 7.4v lipo if you aren't using one already.
  4. luciouseyebrowz

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    I got some parts to put in:

    1 x SHS M4/AR Aluminum O-ring Air Nozzle

    1 x SHS M4/AR 7075 CNC Double O-ring Cylinder Head

    1 x SHS 14.5-tooth Full Metal Rack Piston

    1 x Lonex POM Ventilation Piston Head

    1 x Lonex Enhanced V2 Spring Guide

    Lonex 70 degree bucking

    Prowin hop up chamber

    I also considering this thread as a build thread.
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    I am a FIRM believer of not upgrading right out of the box, especially if you're new to airsoft and/or teching. Reasons being, if you buy a new gun and slap upgrade parts in it, you'll NEVER know if you just upgraded, downgraded, or made no difference to performance at all. Next to that, the gun takes time to settle in, so I advise giving the gun at a minimum, 1 month of play before you open the door of replacing parts.

    It's easy to say "I want more range", but many new gun owners can't tell you the effective range on the gun they're trying to upgrade, but they know they want it "bettered".

    But all that being said, I assume your goal is increased range. The chamber, the bucking - yes.
    The other parts, I'm not really sure what you're going for or why we're swapping out the existing parts. Is your compression currently crappy??

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  6. luciouseyebrowz

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    Yea, it's pretty crappy.
  7. luciouseyebrowz

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    I ran into 2 problems:

    1. The screw on the mag release is stripped

    2. The rear body pin will only go about half a mm high and won't go higher; it'll turn but it will stay the same height
  8. Zaryk

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    I've dealt with this before. If it's not too stripped you can use a drop of super glue on the tip of your Allen wrench (or use a precision screwdriver set and put a drop on the screwdriver bit) and place it in the screw and hold it there for a couple of minutes then screw it out and replace the mag release with a new one. Soak your tool in rubbing alcohol to release the screw and clean the tool up.

    If it's really badly stripped your going to have to drill it out.

    Edit: remember if you try the super glue, less is more, if you get too much glue on the screw it will push the glue into the crack between the screw head and the inner wall of the mag release button and lock the screw into place, you just want a tiny bit.
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