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    A good sniping place is if you take a board and put it over two stumps next to each other, facing the battlefield. Hide under the board and snipe. Wear camouflage face paint. Lay a tarp over your legs so you can't be seen. This tactic works great.
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    It may, if you are playing with people that are not used to playing in the woods. The board is a dead give away as it creates a straight line in a natural environment. What you have created would be considered an improved hasty fighting position. To be a sniper, a prepared position is most desirable. The image below is a picture of what a "sniping place" or snipers hide should look like.

    Also this link is a guide (FM 21-75) that will teach you every thing you may want to know about sniper techniques. If you do not use these techniques you aren't really a sniper you are an infantry man with a long rifle that doesn't shoot many rounds very fast.

    If you have any more question about this please let me know.

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