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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Feelinkorny, Apr 16, 2018 at 8:42 AM.

  1. Feelinkorny

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    I got a ASG AUG A2 a couple days ago. Ayed around with it and now it's time for me to dig in and learn the upgrade aspects.

    With that being said I want to start off with a tight bore inner barrel and a spring.

    If I get a tight bore inner barrel do I need a new outer barrel as well?

    My guns barrel is 509mm would a 510mm be fine if I toss on a flash hinder or something to replace the orange tip? Could you link me to exactly what barrel I should be looking at.

    As far as the spring goes. I want to shoot 350+ what spring should I be looking for? Can I just swap out the spring and be good to go? Or would a new spring break something?
  2. Overwatch97

    Overwatch97 Member

    + a single extra millimeter of barrel length will not make any notable difference. And no, you do not need to change the outer barrel to do so, they are separate. Honestly, I would worry more about upgrading your hop up bucking/nub (such as a flat hop) if anything before dumping money on anything else such as an aftermarket barrel or a more powerful spring if you are looking for better accuracy and range. It’s cheaper and a lot less hassle too. It’s the single upgrade that usually makes the biggest difference for the least money/effort on a stock gun.

    What velocity is your gun shooting now? Are you upgrading the spring or downgrading it? I know the ASG AUG is advertised as already shooting around 350-360 fps.
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  3. Feelinkorny

    Feelinkorny New Member

    The box the gun came in says 328fps which I thought was an odd number to put on the box. I haven't tried a chrono to see exactly what it's shooting.

    As far as bucking and flat hop. I'll have to YouTube that. Thanks.
  4. adas1223

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    Definitely get that gun chronographed. i wouldnt doubt youre already reaching your FPS goal.
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  5. BOA_SP3CT3R

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    I agree, a better bucking will give you a bigger improvement in accuracy & range than a tighter barrel.

    OP, what weight BB's do you plan on using?
    It might be 1 joule, which is about 328 fps.

    @Chow has a very good flat hop guide on this forum.
  6. Guges Mk3

    Guges Mk3 Well-Known Member

    328fps with .20g is indeed the 1J mark.

    Before you do any upgrades. I highly suggest you try it for 10 play sessions before you upgrade. It may already perform at your desired level and you won't commit a "new" player mistake of buying items and wasting money when you did not need to.
  7. PoisonBoost

    PoisonBoost Member

    Yeah I was going to say the same thing as Guges. Play around with it for a while and I honestly wouldn’t start upgrading until you have a back up gun Incase you mess something up and can’t fix it.
  8. Splode

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    Always change out the spring LAST. Changing parts changes fps.
    First, you want to make sure you have good compression by checking o-rings and seals and re greasing the cylinder. That will increase fps. Then put a flat hop in there. That will probably increase fps. Then if you like, get a tight bore barrel. That will increase fps.
    Fix angle of engagement. That will lower fps.
    I once made the mistake of changing to a bigger spring and then after upgrades I was well over 400.
    Also, if the asg AUG is modeled after the jg AUG like it think it is, it might have a thick metal spring mount inside the piston which the spring hooks into. This means the stock spring is about an inch shorter than other springs. That means that if you put a new spring in, it will be over compressed by that metal plug unless you get a new cylinder (which i recommend anyway) and it will shoot at even higher fps than quoted.
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  9. link0

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    I would keep everything stock, except the motor. A more powerful motor will immediately give you far better trigger response, cheap/easy, and doesn't require you to open up the gun to upgrade.
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  10. -Spitfire-

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    I believe you meant piston..