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    hey guys, sorry if i am posting in the wrong place...

    Found a very useful site for airsoft players, just type what you are looking for and get a list of all stores selling it with price!
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    It's a nice idea and all, but the problem with these sites is that Store A a JG M4 listed at $120 and Store B has the same gun listed at $110, but in the long run Store A is cheaper and a better deal.

    Why? Coupon codes, shipping, taxes, discounts, un-announced sales, standard sales, etc. Most airsoft auto-search sites don't list or take into account the discounts and write-offs. I think they're good ideas, but the creators lack anything other simple creativity and the drive to carry on laziness.
    In all honesty, unless it factors in discounts and standard coupon codes, it's virtually useless, especially seeing as it only lists a few of the airsoft retailers, a few of the top retailers are missing. And even worse, if a store is out of stock it still lists the item without telling you it's out of stock.
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    I like this site. Now I don't have to check Evike and ASGI and Redwolf for products I want. Thanks, mvlouman. Great find.
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    This is great, awesome concept... i wonder if its always up to date? if someone manually inputs or it automatically gets the prices? It also seems to be missing a few big stores, like ebairsoft?

    Anyways, also remember ebay has great deals, and too... similar to ebay but china wholesale, they have a LOT of airsoft stuff, just be careful who you buy from, look for good feedback... its all replica/ knock off ofc, but what isn't? :)

    And dont forget classifieds here and other forums too, usually you can get used stuff at great prices!