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Everyone knows that Green Gas is an Airsoft Propellent that is "eco" friendly and has silicone oil in it.

It not formulated to a standard. Each and every Green Gas formulated ad hoc by each bottler and then additional parameters are added in by each distributor.
By volume how much is gas and how much is lubricants. Not defined and Unknown.

Well folks, this propellent is absolutely wrong for modern Airsoft Gas Blow Back usage and the reason is the "impurities" and silicone oil (Siloxanes) in the gas.

Oil in the Gas Line in no way properly lubricates a Gas Gun.

What does 90% of the modern airsoft pistol have? A hop-up unit.
-What does the hop-up unit rely on to make your bbs shoot further? Friction, the hop-up packing (aka rubber/bucking) interacting with the bb.
-What does oil due to friction? It reduces it or eliminates it.

This is why you should not use Green Gas - GG, especially if your have a brand that is excessively heavy in oil.

What else doe having oil and impurities in the gas do? It eats rubber seals, specifically magazine seals. Why do you think magazine base starts leaking on some models?
Certain models of Airsoft GBB have rubber seals, siloxanes and other impurities dissolve these seals under pressure and causes leaks.

And lastly, what does oil in the gas not do? Proper friction point lubrication.
Items not in the gas path is left dry and lube free. These points need lubricant. These main points are rails and hammer groups.

So, what should one do in this case if GG is not the right gas for GBB?

Buy a propane adapter and bottles of propane, duster gas and adapters (R-152 or R-134) to power your GBB Airsoft guns.

Your range will be better than a GG user and you will have more money in your pocket.

Discuss as needed...
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