Green gas m203 problems

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Napple, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Hey everybody, i have had some problems with a used grenade i bought at my local shop (bad choice on my part) i own a few other grenades so i know that i havent broken it. Here's what's wrong.
    Ever since ive gotten it it has held less and less gas so originally i thought it was tge oring. But mow the fill nozzle has seemed to have sunken into the grenade...
    The second and more prominent problem is that when held down vertically the 6mm bbs seem to roll out of the "barrels". But only some of them. Any help is awesome. Thanks.
  2. Napple

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    Anyone have any insight? :D

  3. GhostSquadAirsoftTeam

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    Most grenades have a large O ring inside to hold the bbs, so I'd buy a new grenade I ring

    For the valve problem, I'd buy a new grenade valve or bring it back to the store & see if they can work on it

    -Ghost Squad Airsoft Team
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    Considering there are at least 157 shower shell models by around a dozen different makers out there, a brand, model or at least pics would help.

    Typically fill nozzles can be taken apart and cleaned, otherwise, there are generally 2 different sizes, 5mm and 7mm. There is a possibility yours may be an odd ball, but probably not.

    As for the BBs falling out, as mentioned above, most shells use a large o-ring around or inside the top.

    Good luck.