Green gas, or co2 pistol

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  1. BwKoolG3y

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    Im fairly new to airsoft and Im ready to take it up a notch. Im looking to get either a co2 or green gas pistol. But im not sure which one would be best for someones first gas pistol, and which one would be best for the money.
  2. BwKoolG3y

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    Oh, it also needs to be in the price range of 40-80 dollars. Sorry i dont know how to edited threads.

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    1. Its down by the quote button, literally right next to it.
    2. No need to make 2 threads.
    3. Try getting that up to $100-$120 and your options will triple.
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    East Aurora
    What BlueReaper46 said. 40-80 will only get you a non-blowback, mostly plastic gun. You will quickly tire of that.
    Green gas and propane work at a lower PSI than co2 does. When its colder, a non-co2 gun might not have enough pressure to fire at all, while the co2 gun will still shoot - admittedly with less power, but still shoot. So, the temperature range you play in dictates your performance or if the gun will even function. As with anything, the cheaper it is, the more likely it is you'll be replacing it sooner than you want to. I'm quite happy with my co2 Full metal Elite Force 1911. Shop around and read as many reviews as you can before you make a decision.
  5. 703

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    Go with a Green gas pistol. Look around used, You can easily find a good GBB pistol in your price range.
    Along with that get a propane adapter and run propane instead of green gas. They are essentially the same thing but the propane will cost you a lot less.
  6. BwKoolG3y

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    Ok Ill think about that. But I think I'm going to go with co2, jujst because I live in New Egland where its a little cooler. Also do you know where I could get a c02 desert eagle for like 80-100 bucks?
    Oh and BlueReaper46, I couldn't find the edit button, becuase I was on my iPod.
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    I'm on the app too, it's right next to the quote button still..... Anyway, if you could save up 25 bucks, you could could get the KWC desert eagle
  8. BwKoolG3y

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    YAY! I found it.
    I was looking at that desert eagle. But Im also going to get a 200 dollar rifle. And my budget is 270-280 for a pistol and rifle combined. So the gas desert eagle would really kind of be pushing my price limit.