Greetings from Airsoft Entertainment Group (AEG)

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    Greetings and Salutations

    Airsoft Entertainment Group (AEG) is an Operations planning group started by the O'Sullivan Brothers two years ago at a field in Chesapeake, Va. Hailing from the Currituck, N.C., AEG strives to bring quality Ops for Airsoft operators looking quality gameplay, not just Saturday morning bunny hunts.

    AEG writes both MilSim and FilmSim events which are hosted throughout the Southeast. We are currently working with several fields in Va., but we are planning a road trip to check out some fields in N.C., to gauge their interest in the Ops that we create.

    So if you have a location that you would like to see us at, let us know. We are dedicated to bringing first-rate Ops to Smooth Operators like yourselves.

    Thanks again, we'll see you on the field.

    Boss Hat Out

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    Having some more fields up in northern VA would be great...