Greetings from NorCal!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Castscythe, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, im Castscythe. i thought i posted this thread when i joined a few weeks ago, but it looks like i didnt. Anyway, I play in Auburn, Rocklin, and Galt as often as i have the money to go out. i currently use a CYMA Cybergun licensed M1A1 Thompson, which i love. i am looking to get a JG M4 S-System and build a loadout around it as soon as i can, which will hopefully be in the near future. i will also be working on a WE M14 EBR (hopefully... i need to get ahold of a friend of mine first) and turning that into a dedicated sniper. I hope i can learn (alot) on this forum, and improve myself while trying to help others.


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    Granite bay
    Welcome! I also play at Galt and Airsoft Battlegrounds! Hope you find everything you need on the forums!

    Cheers /)(\

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    Welcome to the forums. If you need any info, people are here to help.
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    Yep. So far this is my favorite and most active airsoft forum I have found, enjoy your stay OP!
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    thanks guys! to Airsoftm4dude, i have been to ASBG 4 times now, every time has been great! (even though i was accused of not calling my hits the second to last time, but we figured it out and all has been well since =) ), once i get my thompson back up and running (need to solder back on a motor pin that was snapped off ='(...), and hopefully when the M14 gets here (if it was ordered on time... still waiting on that friends reply lol) i plan on going to asbg and, for some longer range, ukuas as well. thanks for all the feedback guys! this is definitely the best airsoft forum i have been on... ever!