Ground up custom build (SRR)

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    Im wondering if anyone has ever heard of a Knights Armament SRR being made for Airsoft.
    I plan on making my own over the winter months with a WG C02 revolver, the tapped one for scope mounting. It would help if there was already one attempted that i could learn from, or if you guys had any ideas for one that you would be willing to share.
    How i plan on making it,
    I have a 9" mock suppressor that im going to chop to fit over the barrel all the way to the frame (after i extend the inner barrel).
    Once thats fixed im going to make a front grip out of a light wood to epoxy into place.
    Next i will hand craft my own rifle stock made to mount the same way as the faux wood grips that come with the gun. Im not to sure how the mounting for this will work quite yet. Maby i need to engineer in some straps that come out the front and around the existing grip to hold it in place better.
    When this is all said and done i should have a functioning Suppressed Revolver Rifle shooting somewhere around 500fps. It should be quite accurate as well with .30 weights as the stock revolver is said to be extremely accurate. I figure the extended barrel should really help.
    So, as you can see most of the work is cosmetic, rather than modifying the base gun itself. It still poses a small challenge, but i would love to be the only guy on a field with a functioning SRR :)