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    The Gun Devils are a Milsim Airsoft team based in middle Tennessee (Nashville area). We are well organized and train in various military tactics. Since 2005, we have been traveling to many large Airsoft and MilSim events across the country. A few of our event participations' include Pine Plains, Irene, Northern Wind, Bulldog, Night Scorpion, Banshee Wraith, Columbian Blend and Oklahoma Invasion. We compete on at the national level with the top teams in the country and are proudly sponsored by MadBull Airsoft and SOCOM gear.

    We are currently looking for new members to join us. We are looking for people who enjoy the MilSim aspects of Airsoft and like to play as a team. If you think you like the "MilSim" aspect of the sport and would like a team to run with come out and give it a try. We currently have a MILSIM SELECTION event scheduled for JANUARY 12th, 2012 at Bad Karma Airsoft Field (1776 Gwynn Rd, Lebanon, TN 37087). This event will allow the Gun Devils to learn about you, expose you to the world of Milsim Airsoft, and let you see if our team is good fit for you. THIS IS NOT A REGULAR PLAYDATE!

    You will be placed in real world style MilSim battle scenarios throughout the day and will receive actionable intelligence in a real world manner. This means one minute you could be bored of your butt and the next you're in the fight of your life going after a time based objective. You could also randomly be picked to lead your team into battle! Bring you “A” game and a professional attitude.

    We expect you to be prepared for a FULL day of being on the field, you will not be going back to the cars. Once you go onto your Area of Operations (AO) you will move to your Forward Operating Base (FOB) and live out of there for the day with other attendees. You will want to carry everything you need on the field from LUNCH, WATER, to BBs, Snacks, Magazines, Batteries, etc. Just a word to the wise, it's typically COLD on selection so dress warmly!

    We start at 0830 SHARP! That means you need to be ready to walk on the field at 0830, this is not an arrival time. Do not be late or you may not be allowed on the field. When you arrive check-in with registration, fill out your waiver, and prepare your gear. We stop when we feel like you've had enough.

    You will be watched from the moment you arrive to the moment we end the days scenarious in the evening. Our veteran team members will see how you do under stress of bored, under fire, how well you prepare, how well you work with others, and how well you work on your own to see if you could make it as a Gun Devil.

    WHO CAN ATTEND? Anyone from ages 16 & Up ONLY! It doesn't matter if you are brand new to the sport or been playing 12 years. If you can run and shoot then come give it a try. We are very firm on our age limit so please don't ask.

    Minors please print off the waiver below, have your parents sign it, and bring it with you.

    Recommended Gear
    -Warm Clothing - Camo is allowed; please do not wear MultiCam unless its all you have.
    -Study hiking Boot or combat boot
    -Hat or head cover
    -ANZI Rated eye protection
    -LUNCH: something you can eat quickly when you're not getting shot at.
    -WATER; have enough water for the day, and ensure you have water you can carry with you.
    -Load bearing vest if you have it!
    -Spare Batteries

    *Standard Bad Karma FPS limits for weapons apply*

    **You will not be returning to the cars so think ahead. Spare equipment is a good idea if you have it.**

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    Facebook -

    To RSVP for the event, and to learn more, please post your attendance below.

    Name: Joe Smith
    Callsign: Dragon
    Age: 18
    Phone: (615) 555-1234
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    Where is Lenanon? If it's less than 3 hours from Knoxville then I'll attend
    Elijah Byrd