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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by strahta009, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. strahta009

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    bullhead city
    cyma cm036 or polymer body g&g ak47 combat machine, id love your input
  2. theonlyBuster

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    CYMA is arguably your best bet for a budget AK, simple as that.
    The G&G may look better aesthetically, but overall performance, CYMA is your best bet.

    Also, please try to better subject your threads. I can't tell you the number of threads titled "help" or "gun problem" or something extremely vague along those lines. It actually deters many members away.

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  3. strahta009

    strahta009 New Member

    bullhead city
    thank you, and sorry i'll most definitely be more specific next time.
  4. ZS1YankeeBravo

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    I like him^^^

    Can we keep him? :D
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    Hm, maybe put some newspapers on the floor, just in case.
  6. Steve116277

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    Be nice ya'll!

    I own two CYMA's, models 032a and 035a, and they perform very well. Keep in mind they are budget models but should hold up as long as you care for them well and don't abuse them.

    The metal in model 036 is probably on par with model 035a. In other words, its inexpensive pot metal but again should hold up well as long you don't go banging it against walls.

    Just do a little research on this site alone to see what people think about Combat Machines (hint- they aren't very liked).

    And for the love of Pete, buy good BB's. I had an annoying jamming problem in my 32a, switched to high grade BB's (Elite Force) and the jamming issue magically went away. Imagine that. :rolleyes:
  7. Tactical1911

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    Yeah, a CYMA AK. Everybody's said it but I also am going to say it. CYMAs are low priced, and are a pretty good quality gun. I have one. It was my first, and still my only AEG, and I love it. I would recommend it to any beginner. (You could even consider me a little bit of a beginner.) Also, Steve, banging it against walls might just damage the wall. It's pretty sturdy metal.;)