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  1. Hey everyone, Sofa here.
    Well, I'm just starting to get into Airsoft, but I have a multitude of questions that have a multitude of answers and opinions, but I wanted to see what you guys can think of. I have a tactical vest, gloves, bbs, and soon a mask. All I need now is a gun! This gun will mostly be used in a indoor CQB arena, so I would need it do have CQB standards and some personal references. I'm going to continue this below because at this point I cannot see what I'm typing :p

    I would like it to have a rear wired gear box so the battery goes into the stock, a 7-10 inch RIS system, and flip up sights would be nice. If not, I can just buy some MagPul PTS Flip sights and put them on. I was looking at Airsoft GI's G4 line up, and they look beautiful and the externals on them I hear are amazing. BUT, I also hear that they are not so good internal wise, which is making me step away. I would need the gun to be at least under $300, but I can use a coupon code so I can go a little higher than 300. I was looking at a Matrix Zombie Killer M4 for $240, but I know nothing about Matrix. I was also looking at a KWA SR7, but it is a little pricey and I may not be able to do it. VFC is out of the question because they are also a little too expensive. What gun or company can you recommend? I'm not accepting G&G because bad internals are unacceptable and I don't want to be returning my gun after a week because of gearbox failure. I'm not finding any CQB G&Ps for my price range, unless you guys found one. Hope I get a reply soon! Thanks!
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    You could do Tokyo Marui or King Arms. TM would be my first choice for CQB.

    Edit: The TM I was talking about on GI went out of stock.
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    you could buy a g&p
    you can buy this and you just have to get sights
    same with this one
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    You say you have a coupon code so does that mean you will only want to buy from Airsoft GI?
  6. I'll buy from anywhere