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Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by FGCinHB, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. FGCinHB

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    My son has a g&g combat machine m4 and this weekend it started shooting semi only. No matter where the selector is the gun shoots semi, no safe, no full auto. What can I check and hopefully fix on it?
  2. TheCaptainAlmighty

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    G&G has problems with trigger contacts. However, that applies to shooting full on semi, and shooting in safe. In this case, I believe this might be the cut off lever.

  3. Defcon5

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    Wiring in CMs is really bad... I have one myself (main gun) and I had the local techs clamp the trigger abd motor wires down so they wont come loose. Before I did that, the wires would come loose every other weekend..
  4. brokenarrow

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    The gun is trying to tell him to conserve his ammo :p lol
  5. twiztedstudiez

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    One of my M4's did this. It was a pain to work with.
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    When in doubt take it apart and put it back together, it will either work or you will have enough pieces left over to make a second one. :D In all seriousness, when a friend of mine had this issue with their AK, all it requires is to (for an M4 with this problem I also fixed) knock out the body pins, remove the selector switch, and then re-install it and see if it works then, when it works put it back together. That is it if it isn't the result of something broken, in which case it will obviously require more work.