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Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by Mikedigraz, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. Mikedigraz

    Mikedigraz New Member

    If you live around orange county in southern california and you want a paint job done i will do it. I need the money and i paint the guns good. The price depends on the size of the gun.. Tell me what your gun is and what camo you want it to look like and i will do my best
  2. LancerAL

    LancerAL Member

    It may help to post pictures of your work to define the word "Good".

    Those Nigerian princes say they will refund your money, plus interest in those scams, but you just send your money off, never to see it again. :p

  3. 703

    703 Active Member

    This should probaly go in the classified section because you are selling a service.
    I can also tell you no one is going to bring you a gun without seeing some work you have done. "GOOD" is a very general term and what it means to you could be something totally different to another person.

    Other tips
    - List the types of Camos you can do
    - Type of paint / Process you are using
    - Durability of paint
    - Prices ( make a general list like M4 =$$, Pistols = $$, so on & so forth )
    - Some backround info, how long have you been painting guns, how many have you done, etc...
    - You are probaly doing this on the side but make it as perfessional as you can. This will make people want to come to you. Use proper spelling and grammar. All these things will benifit you.
  4. Username94

    Username94 New Member

    New York City
    Can you do legit camos though like Mutiny Bri? Look at some of her work. Your painting is nice and all but can you replicate Digital Desert, Woodland Marpat, or Multicam patterns?
  5. JakeBworth

    JakeBworth New Member

    No he can't. You can tell by the pictures that he is just using stencil patterns.
    But they look really good in my opinion. And his listed prices are pretty cheap. If I was in the area I would give this guy a shot.
  6. Njnewland

    Njnewland New Member Lifetime Supporter

    You can contact Austin about a vendors license here. They are pretty cheap IIRC.

    You aren't allowed to sell/advertise on the forum though.
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