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  1. Kopis

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    I am looking for the best way to paint my gun a matte black. The reason being that I like my gun being all black but it is starting to get dings and scrapes. I would like to paint over all these to cover up everything that isnt black. Will spray paint work for this or will it look crappy? I want it to be essentially the same color as the receiver but matte.

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  2. TheInfidel23

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    Depends on the gun and material.

    your choice in clear coat is almost as important as the paint.

    There may already be a general thread for this, not sure

  3. Kopis

    Kopis Active Member

    I have a Magpul receiver and its a little bit shiny which drives me up the wall.

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    TYSONtheSNIPER New Member

    I invested in a fairly inexpensive little air compressor and a nice air brush. I haven't regretted the purchase one bit.

    You can still get great results with a spray can for sure, but if you find yourself wanting to do more custom work, the above is a great idea. Plus with an airbrush you have access to so many more paint choices (model paint FTW). Just some food for thought.