Gun with 1.2 Joule

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    I'm just getting in to Airsoft, and I have no idea what my primary should be.
    Price Range is around 0 to 400 Dollars.
    My gun type for primary is electric.
    M4 is my preferred type.
    I mainly play CQB.
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  2. Squad144

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    Krytac CRB M is a very good gun. It is that perfect balance between an outdoor gun and indoor gun. You can easily swap the spring using the quick change spring system to an fps of your desired choice. Pair it with a nice 11.1 lipo and you have yourself a workhorse that will last a long time before maintenance will be needed. Price: About 400 USD shipped.

    Along the same ally but much cheaper is the E&C brand of m4 replicas. Not as cool looking as the Krytacs in my opinion but they also sport a very nice and innovative quick change spring system and they can be had in various lengths. Average price is about 200-280 USD.

    If you already have gear (mask, plate or chest rig, etc.), magazines, bbs, and any other essentials, then go for an E&C, as you will need some money to put toward gear and consumables. If you already have this stuff, get the Krytac.