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  1. bjt2000

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    Were can i get some tipe of somewhat cheap around fourty doller machine gun or what im trying to say is a cheap autimatic gun are there any good websights or stores??
  2. Thestig

    Thestig Some say... Supporting Member

    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    Sorry, there is no such thing really. The ones out there will break in only a few hundred shots, and don't work well....

  3. Rainbow

    Rainbow New Member

    First, use proper spelling. Second, Evike is an exceptional website, it'll most likely take a little bit longer to ship though. Definitely make sure to ask here before you have done your research for a second opinion, it's really the brand of the gun itself.

    Edit: Stig is right, for your price you won't find any good assault rifles. Let alone machine /light machine guns
  4. Axis

    Axis Active Member Supporting Member

    I think he means AEG. People commonly refer to automatic firearms of any sort as machine guns if they don't have a lot of knowledge about guns.
  5. iZazzil

    iZazzil New Member

    Yeah, save your money up until you have enough to buy a good rifle. Then, once you have the money, come back and we will be glad to help!:)
  6. Rainbow

    Rainbow New Member

    That's a reasonable statement. But yea, save up your money. A good budget for an m4 is $200-$250
  7. Urbanprodigy

    Urbanprodigy New Member

    $120-200 budget
    $201-350 intermediate
    $351-500 high end
    $501+ systema, P*, HS5 or a waste
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  8. MerknSissyS

    MerknSissyS New Member

    this guys pretty much go it on the head so far for a great starter i reccomend the 110$ CYMA ak74-u they shoot 400 out of the box and theyre all metal with simulation wood.
  9. gunerforWP

    gunerforWP New Member

    If you want to spend 40$ on a gun then I suggest you try amazon, but it will break very soon and it will perform terribly.
  10. airtruck304

    airtruck304 New Member

    I think you should spend another 10$ and get the gravity fed m4 (electric) package deal with a facemask and 5000 12gram BBs. I have one and after a couple of months ( held with care ) it is still in god shape. It shoots about 20 yards. So good for CQC and ok for assault... I guess.
  11. Scarred

    Scarred New Member

    It's his money. He can waste it on whatever you want. I think he should save up and get something else.
  12. Phillies2406

    Phillies2406 New Member

    No, no just no. Do not listen to this. Please just save up more money and get a decent aeg. The cyma cm.028 is a nice gun around $100.
  13. BlackNightBravo

    BlackNightBravo Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    My first gun- a CM m-16 from hobbytron about $170.
    Don't get anything less- not worth it if you plan to play airsoft for more than the 6 months it takes for your gun to break.

    Your right phillies. WTF is that?!?!
  14. Leonidas

    Leonidas New Member

    Des Moines
    I wouldn't call $350 intermediate at any means...

    No. Please do not do this, the bbs, mask, and gun are all trash. Oh, and he has a $5 pistol as his pic.

    Eh, that's not a bad gun, but don't get it from hobbytron please. Thank you. Op, I recommend saving your money like everyone else said.
  15. BlackNightBravo

    BlackNightBravo Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Leonidas- yep. Hobbytron sucked. The gun was ok but I would replace the wiring with thicker gauge, upgrade spring, motor and DO NOT USE the battery that comes with the gun. It doesn't last 25 min. Plenty space for a larger batt in handgrip.

    Just IMO that is ok for a beginner gun. Look at g-36's too they are very cool.
  16. fradd

    fradd New Member

    I was in your position at one point.
    So I just bought a spring Double Eagle shotgun. It's still working, it's still accurate. It's defnitely better than a $40 AEG my friend used to have.

    And then, I was patient, and I saved up enough to buy a piece-of-crap JG G36C for $160 from my ripoff local airsoft store.
  17. Njnewland

    Njnewland New Member Lifetime Supporter

    OP, please read the forum rules.

    You need to improve your grammar and spelling before you post again.
  18. ikester519

    ikester519 New Member

    For $40 the best think you could buy is a UTG or Double Eagle shotgun.
  19. BlackNightBravo

    BlackNightBravo Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Umm. Guys, you realize the OP hasn't responded since September right? Anyway...


    -You just can't get a reasonable gun for $40. It is a good start if you have never played before and this is your first gun. It would be to see if you even like airsoft.

    But, yeah, you're not going to get away with using a $40 gun in an actual game.

    -Suggestion: save up and buy a good gun.

    -What to do now: UTG double eagle or look at some other threads that have already posted info on this.

    Good luck!


    FYI: don't get the thing airtruck suggested. NEVER consider gravity fed guns. They don't feed and accuracy is non-existent.
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