H&K G36C Airsoft Rifle-Licensed Replica

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Gary2599, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Gary2599

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    I have no idea about airsoft guns, I'm getting a first airsoft gun so me and my friends can play airsoft in the woods by my house is it ok for $100
  2. theonlyBuster

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    You need to post a link or tell us where you're purchasign it from.
    If it's the dual powered G36c, avoid it.

  3. Mel

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    Save your money and, at the very least, buy the JG G36C. It's widely accepted as being a good beginner's rifle and only costs $30 more.
  4. Fyzix

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    The H&K Dual Power 'AEG' is a piece of utter crap. The one I shot would shoot about 2 shots, then skip 2 shots. Shoot the next two shots, skip the next two shots. So basically you had
    Trigger pull 1: 1 bb
    Trigger pull 2: 1 bb
    Trigger pull 3-4: nothing
    Trigger pull 5: 2 bbs
    Trigger pull 6:1 bb
    Trigger pull 7-8: nothing
    And well.... You get the idea.
    Not to mention, the range totally blew, incredibly inaccurate, and sounded like it was getting ready to break at every trigger pull.

    This was like right out of the box. I was the second person to shoot it.

    I'll repeat what everyone else has said. Save ip and get the JG G36c. Will last you a lot longer, and is only $25 more.
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  5. Iuseoptics

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    Yes, you should go with the JG G36c. I got mine about 5 months ago and it is amazing, totallty accurate ,and the FPS out of the box was about 390 but now its like 370. The only atachments ive added are a front grip and a red dot.

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