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    hey guys. i have a TSD M9 full metal gas blow back semi/full auto handgun. the problem here is that two springs broke and i don't know where to buy the replacement springs. the first is the spring that pulls the trigger forward again after firing. the second is hard to explain. there is a black bar on the right side of the gun that pulls on the hammer when you pull on the trigger. and inside the grip there is a spring that pushes that bar up and holds it there. without the spring when you pull the trigger the bar don't catch the hammer and nothing happens. sorry if I'm a bit of a noob and ignorant of the right words to describe things. can anyone guide me in where to get this fixed? either a place i can send it in to, or preferably somewhere i can buy these springs online?
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    Email KJW and ask for M9 parts 40 and 65. They don't respond quickly but they have everything and have great customer service. The trigger spring is commonly broken due to use and the other one is commonly lost due to people taking the trigger guard off and having it spring away on the unsuspecting airsofter.

    I would not recommend doing this unless you are sure you're good with mechanics. If you have troubles or other questions let me know. M9's are a bit of a specialty of mine.