Has anyone been to stryker airsoft

Discussion in 'New Jersey Airsoft Forum' started by Cmg600, May 29, 2013.

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    review on stryker so I know...
  2. Arekkusu723

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    Amazing place to play. You can find good word on it scattered throughout all the threads in the NJ section of the forum. Here's a mini overview for you:

    -Friendly/Helpful Staff
    -Field is run very well, very structured, no BS
    -Short, but sufficient reload time between games, so you get to play A LOT
    -Store prices are pretty good, not too much more expensive than online shopping
    -Great field
    -Safe environment

    -Many people love it, so on a crowded day, they'll split it into 4 teams, and rotate which 2 play at a time

  3. ol63

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    Just went there on Saturday. First time. I will make a list of Pros and Cons as well.

    =Chill staff
    =Players know what they're doing
    =Good layout
    =About 3-5 mins in between rounds
    =Staff makes an effort to keep everyone safe (Gun socks, watch over games, chrono, etc.)
    =Decent prepping area
    =Some players are very nice and helpful
    =Meet teams/squads

    =$25 Admission fee (all day)
    =Lots of small children for some odd reason
    =Bang Bang rule, no shooting at enemy within 10 ft.
    =Some players do not follow the honor system
    =No full auto
    =No strobe lights
    =If you take off your mask during a game you will be thrown out without refund
    =Unfortunately when I was hit, I raised my arm and called "HIT", a few times the enemy kept shooting me as I walked away. Very unsportsmanlike
    =Lots of camping around, but a decent amount of players make an effort to complete the objective
    =2 Hrs from South Jersey

    For my first impression I'd rate it a 7/10. Not bad but it is for airsofters who like just spraying at the enemy without excitement. I prefer MilSim.
  4. Arekkusu723

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    None of those cons can really be held against Stryker as most are due to player error; Not management or field error. Bang bang, no full, strobe, and the whole mask thing are there for safety and liability issues. They can't control that kid's itchy trigger finger, and it would be far beyond unreasonable to discipline them for shooting someone who is dead, especially when it could have been an accident. Camping is gonna be wherever you go, sadly enough, as is the $25 price tag. No cheaper place in Jersey :( . I also didn't think it was unexciting as it is fast paced and non stop, but I can see how it may not be your preferred choice over milsim haha :p.
    This may be slightly off topic, but which Milsim events have you attended? I always love hearing stories. Just turned 18 a few months ago, so soon enough I'd like to give it a shot!
  5. Phamous

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    South Jersey
    Man too bad no one can open a field in SJ. Like near Glassboro or Vineland. That'll be so awesome
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    @Phamous I know, that'd be sick. I wish I had the $$$ and I'd just rent out a warehouse every weekend and go operator. I forgot to include that at Stryker, kids are somewhat anti-social and a little cocky. They've got that attitude like "I don't know you, so I'm not going to make conversation with you." The benches (picnic tables) in the staging area are WAY too close to each other. Awkward if there is someone sitting behind you, your backs basically touch. It also smells like children and p!ss by the way. Lol.
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    Its true the place does smell by a good amount my first or second time playing at Stryker got sick for a few days. I only go thursdays for veterans night but theres always that one kid that even creeps me out and im normally the quiet one sleeping on the bench after a game. Kid talked about knifing people down the throat :confused:
    But most of the time the people there are already in a group of friends so for me its kinda awkward and hard to start jumping in their circle. Guess i fall in the club

    ATTICUS New Member

    Ive played at Stryker for a combined time of about 18 hours.

    - great shop, great products, great prices.
    - $15 for 2 hours isnt a very good deal, but $25 for full hours is.
    - safety with alot of room for independence. If you know gun safety well, u do not need to worry about being badgered by staff, if youre not smart with your weapon, they'll embarrass you.
    - arena is pretty cool. Its pretty frantic combat the whole time, yet teamwork does have a place if used right.
    - Theres a place for every weapon/style, and a counter for each style as well.
    - staff/refs are mostly friendly, funny, and fair.
    - Theres a few very cool regulars there that are fun to talk to and play with/against
    - broad range of experience with players, youll be playing with/against both ex-marines and 12 year olds on a regular day. Prepare to be outgunned one round, and kick butt the next.
    - SLIDING! Be safe, but utilize the smooth concrete floor as much as you can! Super fun.

    -$15 for 2 hours? Cmon...
    - can be very crowded, which can flare some bad moods...
    -staging area consists of rows and rows of picnic tables, and when crowded, it gets TIGHT. expect to get VERY close to your opponents, and WATCH YOUR GEAR...
    - This place is NOT NEWBIE-FRIENDLY. My first time was hell the first few matches because they change rules by codenames and hand signals, which only experienced players pick up on! Not very fair when suddenly full auto is allowed, strobes are allowed, or the safety borders are negated, and anyone who doesnt know Stryker codewords has not a clue whats going on.
    - staff can be jerks. I.e. calling off the semi-auto rule or making teams based off age just to watch the carnage. Thats all harmless dickin around, but even off-field, theres guys who will judge you based off your gear, one guy was taking it WAY to serious, and actually physically grabbed me to take my rubber knife (which almost everyone had as well) and make sure it was fake.
    Airsoft stop and frisk. They made a kid cry by giving him the name "ball-sweat." He was like, 12, though. That doesnt really sit well with me, harmless as it is. Come game-time though, its as if theyre not even there, hence why its so well-liked as an arena.
    - bring friends. You dont wanna be alone unless you wanna be alone the whole time.
    - players are some of the most cocky, anti-social people ive met. They werent BAD in any way, they were just not to much fun to play with, only against. If you wanna meet someone new and cool at this place who likes airsoft just like you, i wish you a lot of luck.

    All in all, if you get in there with loose expectations, itll be great. Just bring friends and bring hydration, and don't let the kids running the place get to you.

    ATTICUS New Member

    Also, lemme just add, even on veterans' night, there are simply too many people who dont follow the rules.