Has your battery ever ran out in the heat of battle?

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    Hey this is a thread about having your battery run out in the middle of the fight. Also you can tell funny stories about this happening at inconvenient times too. For example, one time I was playing and I try to shoot at someone on the opfor that was about 30 feet away and he had no idea I was there. I try to shoot him and I hear my moter turn halfway and then die. He then hears the noise from my motor trying to turn and proceeds to light me up. Now I carry an extra battery+kwa m9 incase this happens. But when that happened to me and I didn't have an extra battery or sidearm I would just call myself out and leave the game. Another funny thing happened when I was playing with my friends. We use the bang kill if someone is within 15 feet of someone on the opfor and the person doesn't know that they are there. My friends battery had died but he snuck up behind me and bang killed me with a gun that was out of battery lol.
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    There was a situation where the battery in one of my teammates gun overheated to an extreme measure, it actually burned her while she tried to take it out. The cause wasn't over-firing, it was just weird, something with her gun...

    But it happens to all of us when our batteries run out in battle, i like to carry one with me for a quick exchange...