Have you ever been disapointed like this?

Discussion in 'Florida Airsoft Forum' started by merlin, Oct 5, 2012.

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  1. merlin

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    New Port Richey
    I recently needed some spare/replacement parts for my ICS M4s and M16. One the parts I needed were some tappet plates. As I have had little success with aftermarket plates in the ICS split gearbox, I went looking for the OEM plates. My first choice for genuine ICS tappet plates had them in stock at a good price. Three went into the basket. Three plates at $7.50 each, $22.50 total, not bad I thought. Then I figured shipping...... UPS ground came to $13.03. I thought "well the price of shipping has gone up with the price of fuel, and UPS is a secure way to ship". So I completed the checkout and awaited my parts.
    They arrived yesterday, That's when they disappointed me. The parts were just what I had ordered and had arrived exactly one week from order date. The Method of shipping is what did it. Instead of shipping UPS, which was what I was quoted and paid for, they shipped USPS Priority Mail In a flat rate box, for a total shipping cost of $5.15. Now I don't mind vendors adding a little for packing material and handling, But I find overpaying by $7.88 a bit much. What really burns me was that USPS Priority was not even given as a Shipping option. Needless to say I will be finding a new OEM vender, which is disturbing as I have delt with this company for nine years and up to now have never felt that I had been ripped off.
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    if you dont mind me asking what company was it? I am looking for a reliable place for ICS parts and i dont see many options out there for them.

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    This is in the wrong section, please post this in the retailer reviews section. Locked.
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