Heavy Bear reporting for duty.

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    Howdy yall. Heavy Bear signing in. A little background. I have close to 10 years CQB experience, mostly stealth room clearing, HVT take downs, and solo target captures. Being of a smaller build, with a fairly light footprint, my teams always find it useful to send me in alone. I have a little field time, mostly with the bar 10 providing overwatch. I currently own an Echo1 Ak-700, internally modified for better end-to-end clearing in warehouse games, a Krytac PDW, basically stock, as it performs phenominally for stealth operations, and currently waiting on my bar-10 to be delivered. My old bar-10 and L96 were "removed" from the back of my truck a while back via a now-missing window. I have owned several AKs, and one very lovely A&K M60E4 which was also stolen (which gave me my callsign to begin with). I am currently rebuilding, but with a family, a lot less time and money. I mostly play indoors now as there are not many outdoor fields near me. Just looking for a place to call home, share experiences, and gain new ideas around the industry. If any more information is desired, feel free to request. Keep your rear down and head on a swivel. You never know whos watching.
    Heavy Bear out.